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Freello is a new marketing and communication tool to reach and engage mobile users.
A web platform that provides contact acquisitions, brand interactions using the “missed calls” concept.
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Freello is a bidirectional communication channel and an innovative way to interact with users who can express their interests simply by calling a free number dedicated to a service or brand

Set up

Plan your campaign, contest, survey or poll. Associates one or more landline phone numbers to your event. Customize SMS message to send to the audience every time you receive a FreeLLO to your numbers (free call).


Takes advantage of the multi-channel and promote your initiative on the Web, Social Media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Signage to reach users wherever they are. Collect data with our patented system for managing privacy.


Analyze performance and measure the redemption of your event. Create your own database from below and organizes your contacts according to their interests and behaviors.
(post-hoc segmentation)

How it works

Reach your clients and prospects wherever they are, discover their interests and keep in touch
Promote your phone numbers on the channels of communication you prefer


    Format TV and Radio, News, Live and Sport Events


    Through context info (likes, geography, other votes, etc)


    Sms - Email marketing, personalized content, retargeted advertising, CRM

  • Receive calls from users

    Users can call your FREE phone numbers

  • Reply to your contacts

    Send exclusive content such as special offers and discounts via SMS MMS IM EMAIL

  • Reward your smart customers

    Strengthens the loyalty and increases your brand awareness

Our clients

  • next repubblica delle idee
  • class editori
  • telesia
  • italiacamp
  • Università di Catania
  • istituto adriano olivetti
  • progress
  • willax tv
  • fashioneventmoda


We are the owners of a patent mobile OPT-IN method.
"Sistema e metodo di marketing relazionale su rete di telecomunicazione mobile cellulare"
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